In a time of ever increasing competition, our 3D Showcases will make you stand out from the crowd and keep you ahead of your rivals.

Wyvern 3d will enable your business to really stand out with a number of services designed to virtually showcase your space in stunning detail. We also provide Topographic and Measured Building Surveys, enabling you to make informed decisions and realise the potential of a new project.
Run by Tom Ridgway, a Surveyor with over 20 years survey and visualisation experience, Wyvern 3d is well placed to help you.
Virtual Tours are one of our best-selling services, by harnessing the power of 3D and virtual reality we’ll bring your space to life in a totally immersive way. Our end to end service means we can add links to your online store or booking system, create floorplans, take still photographs and deliver your showcase in virtual reality on any laptop, tablet or smartphone. We can easily embed tours directly into your website too.
Virtual Tours can work for nearly every business that requires potential customers to visualise space. We work closely with many industries such as Estate Agents, Schools, Hotels, Spas and co-working spaces, take a look at our portfolio here.
Our survey products are used by land developers, planners, architects and
anyone else looking to discover the potential of a project and identify any areas that need addressing. The level of detail can range from basic to highly detailed and we work closely with you to deliver the end result cost effectively.

The power of 3d

With a single scan, you get everything you need to communicate, market, and share real-world places with your audience.

Estate agents - bring your listings to life, pre-qualify viewings and get everything you need to market a property. A single shoot can create the immersive 3D Showcase, still images, floorplans and virtual reality tour.

Travel and Hospitality – Our 3D Showcases are complete experiences that give your online visitors an accurate sense of your venue and amenities. You’ll speed booking decisions and boost confidence by offering an immersive 3D experience that can be directly linked to your online booking portal.

Automotive – Allow potential customers to visit your dealership online and be immersed in the service they will receive as part of your customer experience. Pre-qualify appointments by showcasing vehicles in immersive Virtual Reality.

Architects and designers – use fully textured 3D CAD files and coloured point clouds as a basis for property alterations or renovations and interior design schemes.

Engineering and Construction - Streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease. Share, annotate, and export point clouds to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®.

Why Wyvern 3d

We can scan your
property or business

See your space in
virtual Reality

Explore from browser,
smart-phone or tablet

Export directly to

Increase customer
traffic and sales

Share and
experience anywhere

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